How to Assess the Candidate’s Learning Agility

Learning Agility is referred to as a competency or capability that describes an individual’s speed to learn. In most of the businesses, the particular skill is regarded as one of the most important factors in the goal of the great leadership. The individuals who are associated with the strong “learning agility” are capable to rapidly study, analyse, as well as rapidly understand new situations and new business problems. They can develop techniques and a passion for “fast learning” as well as they don’t afraid to jump into a problem as well as try to understand its various causes and ramifications quickly.

Learning Agility may not be an academic skill rather it is associated with an individual’s ability and passion in order to quickly study a new problem as well as use their individual learning process for gaining in-depth understanding before making a decision. So, it is very important to select and hire the best appropriate candidates for the particular job-roles in order to acquire new knowledge and skills as well as for staying ahead of the market.

Learning Agility is a major key for unlocking the adaptation proficiency. As per the Research, the Learning Agility is considered as a reliable indicator of the leadership potential. Basically, Learning Agility is a complex set of skills that enables to learn something in one situation as well as apply it in a completely different situation. It is somewhat like gathering patterns from one context as well as using those patterns in a completely new context. The learning agility assessment online exercise helps to assess and hire the best candidates.

In a nutshell, Learning Agility is considered as the ability to learn, as well as adapt, and apply in particular work.Learning Agility represents the ability as well as the enthusiasm and willingness to learn from the individual’s experiences, adapt accordingly and then apply that learning in order to perform successfully in new work conditions. Learning Agility is basically a measure of an individual’s skills that allow him/her to do so.  The specific assessment helps to assess the cognitive abilities that are required by an individual to use information gathered from past experiences and use them in future.

The particular test is based on Learning Agility Simulation exercise that helps to measure three major constructs for the Learning Agility.

  • Learning Speed: The speed along with which information makes its way to working memory as well as retrieved which in turn lead to the specific behavioural response.
  • Flexibility: It measures the specific abilities of candidates that reflect individual’s ability to think about own thinking.
  • Pattern Recognition: It assesses how individual identify the logics from patterns and solve problems.

The key profiles for which the particular test is useful:

  • Entry level profiles across industries
  • Mid managerial profiles across industries

In this particular test, the candidates should be ready with speaker/ headphones in the working condition. Sometimes, the assessment test in associated with the few questions that require him/her in order to view the particular video.

The learning agility assessment inventory is very important in order to assess the best and eligible candidates for the nest interview phases.

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