How Wearable Technology can affect Your Business

How Wearable Technology can affect Your Business

Wearable technologies are the latest wonders of modern science. These devices make it possible to collect instant data in a massive scale and store them for further analysis. Some smart devices can even take automated decisions based on the gathered data.

Smaller devices like smart watches, smart glasses, wristbands etc. are some popular examples of wearable devices. With the entire buzz about the wearable devices, it was only a matter of time before they made their entry into the business world. All these devices make it a lot easier to make your workforce more visible and connected than ever. Let’s see how wearable technology can affect a business.

Health and Wellness

Keeping each team member healthy and active should be an important goal for any growth-oriented company. Keeping that in mind, some companies have started providing their employees with fitness monitoring devices. For example, BP has recently distributed 24,500+ fitness trackers to its employees. The ultimate goal was to encourage the employees to become more conscious about their health condition, reduce the medical costs and number of sick leaves.

When a company takes thus type of measures, it will be in a better position while negotiating the health insurance terms. Reports sent by the fitness devices are more concise and organized than the ones sent by human.According to Gartner, most companies having 500+ employees are likely to provide them with fitness trackers in 2016.

Safety Measures

Another potential application of the wearable devices is the safety aspect. Riskier industries like oil, gas, or mining are perfect candidate for utilizing these devices to improve the security condition. A coal mining company in Australia is providing their truck drivers with a SmartCap. While the cap looks like any regular cap, it is definitely much more than that.

There are multiple sensors integrated into the cap. The sensors can track the alert level of the driver. If it detected that the driver is likely to falling asleep, which it calls a “microsleep”, it will produce an early warning. Another company has developed smart glasses which can transmit live HD videos about complex industrial problems. An expert can provide live instructions as he checks out the condition live.

Increasing Company Efficiency

Increasing the operational efficiency is another sector where wearable devices could make a large impact. Once you provide all the necessary data, these devices can easily provide effective and efficient ways to handling regular tasks. For example, Amazon workers are provided with GPS trackers to find out the shortest route to their desired product inside the warehouse.

Another supermarket chain, Tesco provides the workers with armbands to track the current status of products inside the distribution centers. With the help of these smart devices, workers no longer need to follow the manual process or go through repetitive steps to perform simple tasks.

Final Words

The true power of wearable technologies is yet to uncover. But the glimpses we are now getting are definitely very promising. And while you combine the power of smart wearable technologies with your smart business team, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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